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Customs services

The company holds AEO certificate no. PL AEOC 440000100060

We handle the following customs procedures:

- trading permit
- export
- temporary clearance
- returned goods
- transit
- Intrastat
-fiscal clearance – Art. 33a of the VAT Act

Our advantage is the use of simplified procedures, while ensuring customs office response time of 30 minutes for Warsaw and 60 minutes for Wroclaw.

Our customers can enjoy:

- quick access to imported goods
- rational shipment planning
- storage cost reduction
- release of cargo before payment of customs duties
- minimising participation of customs officers in clearance
- clearance outside working hours of customs offices
- deferral of VAT payment at the border

We offer possibilities of deferring VAT payment at clearance and moving it to monthly settlement. We use this legal solution in shipments cleared both at Polish ports and other European ports.